The Do's and Don'ts when buying Wedding Rings

f you're planning on buying a Wedding Ring, here are a few things you should and shouldn't do when making the purchase.


Buy the same metal:

If you are planning on wearing both the Wedding and Engagement Rings together you should ensure that the two metals are the same. For example, if the Engagement Ring is made from Platinum, the Wedding Ring should also be made from Platinum.

In addition to the metal, you should also consider the width of the ring. To prevent the Wedding Ring from overpowering the Engagement Ring you should ensure that the ring you are buying is of similar width as the Engagement Ring.

Guys, think about your work:

What's your job? Is your job demanding of physical energy? If so, you should choose a Wedding Ring made from a tough metal like Platinum or even Palladium. Palladium is from the same group of metals as Platinum. It has all the same attributes to Platinum but is priced at around half that of Platinum. This makes it a perfect choice for a man with an active lifestyle.

For Ladies, a Channel Set ring will give your Diamonds that extra bit of security. Also to be considered is the fact that if your budget doesn't stretch to a Platinum Wedding Ring with Diamonds. Why not consider a Palladium Wedding Ring with Diamonds? The Palladium will not affect your Platinum Engagement Ring, it will look exactly the same and as the metal price is around half that of Platinum, you could have those Diamonds you have always wanted. You will find that here at Two Become One Jewellery we offer all of our Brides the option to purchase their chosen Wedding Ring in Platinum as well as Palladium. You can find our range on our “diamond ring page

Understand the four Cs:

The four C’s are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. These 4 C’s greatly determine the quality of ring that you will buy. To buy the right ring you should ensure that you understand what they mean. We can offer you a full simple and easy understanding should you need our help.


Matching with your partner:

Chances are that you and your partner have different styles and preferences therefore you shouldn't stress yourself over buying a Wedding Ring that matches that of your partners. As a rule of thumb you should go for a Wedding Band that defines your personal style. When you buy a ring that matches your personal style you will not only wear it all the time, but you will also take greater care of it.

Do your homework:

Wedding Rings can be very expensive therefore you should always research and try a variety of different stores to compare prices. If possible, take a friend with you to ensure that you buy the best quality not just the highest priced ring. Remember, a Hallmarked ring provides you with confidence on the metal, however, one jeweller may tell you that the Diamonds are of better quality than they really are. Ask to use his loupe to look at the Diamonds. Do not be embarrassed and always ask what colour and clarity the stones are. Checking the ring in natural daylight is a must. Don’t let those shiny LED lights fool you. If the ring sparkles in natural daylight, the quality will speak for itself.

Choose Hand-Made:

There are many jewellers in the UK who make every ring by hand using traditional methods. At Two Become One Jewellery we make sure that our clients receive the very best service possible. Over the last 16 years, Wade Royd-Taylor has built a reputation for making some of the finest pieces of jewellery for the who’s who in the music industry whilst keeping his prices realistic and quality exceptionally high. Every ring is lovingly hand-made to ensure the greatest level of quality each and every time.

If you would like to come and view the large Wedding Collection at Two Become One Jewellery, please do call us on 0161 4282820. We would love to meet you. You can find out more about us by watching this short video.