Here at Two Become One Jewellery our expertise is limitless. Through the use of the latest CAD technologies along with a team of very highly talented designers and goldsmiths, we are able to create a vast array of simply beautiful Wedding rings. Be it a diamond encrusted masterpiece or a simple elegant and classic Wedding ring with a twist, we are here to help. 

Over the past decade we have developed long lasting relationships with master craftsmen who are as passionate as we are about the Wedding jewellery we make and the quality of service we provide. 


David Symonds has been engraving our stunning Wedding rings for over 13 years and has always stayed true to using the most traditional methods of hand sculpting to create his finely detailed work. If you are looking for a family crest, song lyrics, a floral scene or just a unique design to set your Wedding ring apart from the crowd, please contact us for further details. 

Adding Diamonds to your Wedding Ring

We provide our clients with the ability to develop their Wedding ring further by adding any number of Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies or any other precious stone which will work with your chosen design. We have a large range of ladies diamond Wedding rings as standard but as we offer a full diamond setting service, Steve Knight will be on hand to make your dreams come true. 

Other Design Services

Here at Two Become One Jewellery we treat every client as our friend and we have made sure over the years that every client leaves a buying experience with us feeling well cared for, understood and confident in their choice. We are therefore always happy to discuss with you any future jewellery needs. Wade Royd-Taylor the founder of Two Become One has spent over 15 years making jewellery of all types for clients all over the world. If you have an interest in purchasing a Diamond Eternity Ring, Diamond Necklace, Diamond Tennis Bracelet or even a simple Sterling Silver ring, please do pop us a call as wade is usually on hand to chat to you. There is never any pressure to buy so you can call in the knowledge that you will get a warm and friendly service of which we are so well known for. 

Investment Diamonds

Two Become One Jewellery has a secret! What is that you may ask? Well we can tell you that we are able to offer our clients the finest GIA certified Diamond in any Cut, Colour and Clarity. We are also happy to offer you these trade price diamonds at Wholesale prices due to an extremely close contact in the diamond trade. We are often shocked by the prices charged for loose stones not to mention ones which have been set. So if you have a budget to work too or you are interested in buying a Diamond for investment purposes, we are here to help guide you through many of the sometimes daunting pit falls when buying a diamond. There are many ways to beat the high street jewellery prices and we are happy to give you all the info required to purchase the best possible stone at the very lowest price. We fully support Non Conflict Diamonds and the Kimberly process so you can relax in the fact that we are here to help.