How to choose a Ladies Wedding Ring

Follow these 4 simple steps and you can't go wrong.

Finding the perfect Wedding Ring for your gorgeous Engagement Ring can be a daunting task. The options can seem endless and without an understanding of where to start, the whole process, can for some Brides, be overwhelming. We have put this post together to give you the four basic rules. Follow these four simple steps and you cannot go wrong.


Step 1

Your Engagement Ring will be made in a precious metal. The two most common metals used are 18k Gold (750) and Platinum (950). When choosing your Wedding Ring, you will need to make sure you use the same metal for both rings. This is recommended as different metals have different hardnesses. By choosing the same metal as used for your Engagement Ring, there will be no wear and tear between the two. The chart below will help you to see which metal your Engagement Ring is made from. Simply match the purity number to your Engagement Ring.


Step 2

Look at your Engagement Ring. You will see that it has a set shape at the side where the ring curves around your finger. These shapes can be matched to the chart below. Find the one which fits your ring perfectly.

Very simply, this shape is your defined shape. If you choose a Wedding Ring with this same shape, you will make sure that the two rings match perfectly once worn side by side. You can see how well these applied steps work in the image below.

If you want a plain band without Diamonds, this is as simple as it gets and there is nothing more you need to know. Most Ladies will choose a 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm band. Our advice is to try each width on to see which will work best for you. Remember to allow room for that future Eternity Ring! The rule of thumb is to choose the same band width as your Engagement Ring to achieve the best possible match.

Step 3

Look at your Engagement Ring again. You will see that the centre stone has a defined shape. Usually this will be Round or Square. It may be Oval or Marquise. If you are looking for a Wedding Ring which contains Diamonds, you will create the most classy and elegant look if you choose a ring with the same stone shape. Look at the image below. You will see that by working with the same ring shape, width and stone shape, our client has chosen the perfect partnership.

Step 4

The final step to creating the perfect aesthetic between your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring is to simply choose the same setting style as your Engagement Ring.

If you have a single Classic Solitaire Round Brilliant Diamond or a Square Princess Cut, these will usually have four single claws. These can be found by looking for either Grain Set Wedding Rings or Bead Set Wedding Rings. Here is an example image. We have used the same ring as worn in the above image so you can easily see how well this ring matches our client's Engagement Ring.

So, there you have it. If you follow these four simple steps you will find it much easier to create the perfect look you have been searching for. If you would like our help in finding your perfect Wedding Ring, why not give us a call on 0161 428 2820. We can help guide you over the phone or by booking you an appointment here in our show room. Don't leave it too late!