The Four C’s of Wedding Rings

While most people only think of the four C’s of Diamond classification when buying a Solitaire Diamond, taking them into account when selecting a Diamond Wedding Ring is just as important. In a Diamond Engagement Ring, Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight all play a major part in the overall appearance of the ring. However, because your Wedding Ring isn’t a single Solitaire ring, lower ratings in one or more of the four categories may not be as noticeable as one might think.



Colour is one of the best examples to use to explain this. If an Engagement Ring has a slight yellowish tint to it, this can sometimes go unnoticed since there is no point of reference for the single stone. Whereas a Diamond Wedding or Eternity Ring will have several stones. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure every stone in the ring is as close to the next in colour. Variations between the Diamonds, Rubies or Sapphires can become obvious and this will simply let down the overall look of the ring.

Here at Two Become One Jewellery we hand pick each stone for every ring. Huge care is made to source the finest stones are used and that we offer the very best hand-made jewellery here in our work shop.

Diamond rings


Clarity is a similar factor as colour when selecting stones. While it isn’t necessary to have every stone rated high on the clarity chart, the stones should all be identical in their clarity rating before being set. Most consumers wouldn’t be able to afford a Wedding Ring comprised solely flawless stones as this would not work with your Engagement Ring. So the best quality to choose will be the one to match the clarity of your Engagement Ring. Choose a clarity rating for that offers a visually flawless appearance even though internal inclusions may be present. Generally, the two available qualities are G colour and SI clarity or F colour and VS clarity.

Diamond clarity chart

Carat Weight

When it comes to carat weight, a jeweller must also be sure to choose stones that are all identical in carat weight. Since multiple stones are set into the ring, any variation in carat weight can cause an uneven appearance or potentially lead to a loose setting. As long as all of the stones in the ring are as close to the same size as possible, the ring will have a sleeker appearance and the setting will be able to properly secure each stone perfectly.

Diamond rings


Cut is another important factor in stones chosen for Wedding Rings. While most people believe that the cut of a stone describes its shape, it actually refers to the way the stone’s surface is cleaved and shaped. The cut of a stone can significantly affect the sparkle and fire that a stone contains. Identical Diamond cut grades produce a visually beautiful Wedding Ring.

At Two Become One Jewellery we only sell Diamonds which have an ideal cut grade.

Diamond cut grades

If you’re ready to take your knowledge of the Four C’s of Diamond Wedding Rings and put them to good use, then simply take a look at our outstanding range here at Two Become One Jewellery.

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