The benefits of buying your Wedding Rings together

Wedding rings

Buying Wedding Rings can sometimes prove quite difficult. Considering whether the band will fit against your Engagement Ring, which metal to choose, whether you want the ring to include gemstones, all needs consideration.

Before considering any of this, you should decide whether it would be best to go ring shopping with your partner, or to take on the task alone. That is why we have looked at the pros and cons of each to help you make the decision.

Wedding rings

The Benefits of buying together

Pressure: Buying the rings together will take the pressure off finding one that your partner will love as much as you do as you can choose together. You can also ensure that it fits nicely and discuss the designs together.

Matching Rings: When purchasing bands together you can ensure that both yours, and your partner’s band complement each other in shape or style.

They’ll love it: When shopping for the rings together you will enjoy choosing the right design for you and your partner. Make a day of it and get excited. After all, this is the one item that will stay with you both forever.

Wedding rings

The cons of buying together

Cost: If you buy your Wedding Bands together you may want to please your partner by going for a design he likes. Always make sure that the two rings complement each other. The main factor to consider is how does the ring look next to your Engagement Ring?

Thoughtfulness: Before you venture out, chat about the styles you like using Google Images as a guide. Search our web site for ideas and make notes of prices and Diamond carat weights. The more info you have to hand, the more you will be able to compare prices.

Wedding rings

Benefits of buying separately

Surprise Factor: It may be daunting choosing the Wedding Band without your partner but imagine the look on their face on your Wedding Day when they see how much thought you put into choosing your perfect Wedding Ring.

Cost: You could potentially pay a lower price than you would have if shopping with your partner, as you will not be influenced by their decision. Always shop around to see what prices other stores have. You will often find that you can find the very same rings in opposite stores and with very different prices. Once you have done your homework on the high street simply go online. You will find the best prices there.

Wedding rings

Cons of buying separately

Matching Rings: When buying Wedding Bands separately you will not know what your partner has chosen for you. This means that you could end up with rings that are complete opposites and this could be an issue if you wanted rings which work together in some way.

They’ll hate it: There is such a wide variety of Men’s Wedding Bands available out there that you could end up buying a ring that your partner would never have chosen for himself. This may result in him having to change it later on.

Wedding rings

Whether you decide to buy your Wedding Bands as a couple or separately, we are happy to talk to you about the large variety of his and hers Wedding Rings we have in our collection. If you would like to take a closer look at our stunning collection, why not book an appointment here at our show room. Our 16 years of experience in designing and making Wedding Rings of all shapes and styles will help you to make A well-educated decision.

You can reach us on 0161 4282820 at any time to book a appointment here in our South Manchester showroom.