Platinum V’s Palladium. The Facts

Palladium is fast becoming the metal of choice for many jewellery buyers. As one of the world’s finest precious metals, Palladium makes for a special Wedding Ring that is high quality and lower in price compared to other precious metals. With the increase in the price of gold and Platinum, Palladium is one of the best choices for those who are working to a budget and who don't want to sacrifice quality or beauty.

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Palladium comes in two karat weights. These are Palladium 950 and Palladium 500. Like Platinum, Palladium is hypo-allergenic and it does not need plating for protection unlike 18ct and 9ct White Gold. It comes from the same group of metals as Platinum and is the same colour however it has a lower density than Platinum. This is one of the reasons why two identical rings in Palladium and Platinum differ so much in price.

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The popularity of Palladium in Engagement and Wedding Rings has recently soared. So much so that many are questioning whether it is becoming the new Platinum!

Wedding rings

It was officially recognised as a precious metal in January 2010, and it's now a legal requirement that any Palladium ring that weighs more than 1 gram is Hallmarked. It's even been said that Palladium is rarer than Gold. Below is the Palladium Hallmark.

Palladium hallmark

The Cons of Palladium

Still rare and hard to find in all jewellery stores, not all jewellers and craftsmen are experienced in working with it and therefore the existing amount of designs made in Palladium are very limited. Those that can make custom made rings in Palladium are also limited (not all designs can be made in Palladium).

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Why is Platinum so much more expensive than Palladium and Gold?

To better understand the prices, here are the prices of metals as they were in August 2016.

Metal Price/Gr Price/Oz
Palladium £22.45 £698.19
White Gold £34.10 £1060.51
Platinum £39.00 £1212.90

As can be seen, Gold and Platinum are near in pricing and when Gold was in the £1231.00+ it even passed the Platinum (for a short time) whereas in the past the spreads were enormous.

Platinum is heavier than Palladium by around 60%. This means that if a Palladium ring weighed around 5gr, then it would have weighed approximately 8gr in Platinum. Therefore, this increases the price of any ring made in Platinum.

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Platinum jewellery is consisted of nearly pure Platinum at 950 parts in 1000. Palladium is the very same. However, as mentioned above, the same Palladium Wedding Ring would weigh much less than Platinum, combine the fact that the Palladium market value is cheaper... and the resulting jewellery item is cheaper too.

Will Palladium be the New Metal of Choice?

Both jewellers and consumers are asking themselves is this a trend? A phase? While it is hard to answer, Palladium is gaining in popularity year on year. The general thought is that the time will soon come that Palladium will be the metal of choice for all kinds of jewellery due to its pure white colour, strength and price range. Why don’t you consider Palladium too?

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