How Shaped Wedding Rings are made

Wedding Rings on sale today are no longer limited to circular bands with one or more diamonds. You can easily find many different shaped Engagement and Wedding Bands in many different styles and metals. Currently, many shaped bands are available in the marketplace yet, the shaped Wedding Ring comes in many styles which may not fit your Engagement Ring perfectly.

When a custom shaped Wedding Ring is commissioned these simple steps are followed to create the perfect matching Wedding Ring.


Firstly, the Engagement Ring is scanned. This procedure will produce a computer file which can be used to design the Wedding Ring to fit perfectly. You can see below a picture of a scanned Engagement Ring.

Scanned engagement ring

Once a scan has been completed, the jeweller will move on to creating the Wedding Ring using what is known as CAD (Computer Aided Design). CAD allows the jeweller to follow the design of the Engagement Ring perfectly for height, width and depth. It also allows the designer to add in any Diamond or stone settings required. You can see this in the image below.

Computer aided design ring

Once the ring has been CAD designed it is then sent to the client to look at. If at this stage any changes need to be made, the CAD designer can make these and send the design off to be confirmed again by the client.


Once the ring design has been confirmed by the client, the CAD file is sent to be rapid prototyped. This is a process where layer after layer of liquid wax is built up to produce a perfect copy of the design. You can see this process in action below.

Wax ring prototype

The rapid prototype comes out of the machine and is a perfect model of the ring to be cast. The great thing about this process is that you can produce as many of these wax models as you need at once. With this in mind, should you ever lose or damage your ring, a new one can be very simply re-made for you.

Placing diamonds in a prototype ring


The next step is the final cast of the ring. This is where the molten metal is poured into the mould to form the ring. Depending on which metal you choose, the ring will come out of the casting phase as your final design in the chosen metal. It will now need to be cleaned up ready for your stones to be set.

Cleaning up the cast

This part of the process is where a very skilled hand is required to work each delicate area of the metal so that it is perfectly shaped in every way. The jeweller will use a number of different tools to file, sand, carve and then polish the ring.

Setting diamonds in a ring

Stone Setting and final Polish

The final step to making a Shaped Wedding Ring is the stone setting and final polish. The ring along with the stones to be set will be taken to the jewellers Diamond setter who will place each and every stone perfectly into the ring by hand. The holes will be drilled out and cleaned before the stone is popped in and the metal rubbed over the stones to keep them firmly in place.

The image below is the final Diamond set shaped Wedding Ring we created here at Two Become One jewellery from the ring Scan and CAD designs shown in the first part of this Blog article.

Custom made diamond ring

If you are looking for a Shaped Wedding Ring, why not call us a call on 0161 4910624. We will be able to guide you to the best design to complement your Engagement Ring. We also offer the Scan, CAD and Waxing stages at cost price so you can keep the main part of your budget for the ring itself. This cost is just £95.00 compared to most stores at around £250.00. Now you see how much work goes into making a Shaped Wedding Band, you should always plan your design in plenty of time. Two Become One Jewellery would love to help you achieve this.