5 times to remove your Wedding Jewellery

So now that you are wearing your lovely new Engagement Ring it is probably correct to say that you do not want to take it off. This is understandable. However, if you would like that Diamond to continue sparkling there are five main activities in which you should remove your Engagement Ring.

1. Cleaning

While you are cleaning in any way, it is always advised that you should remove your jewellery. The first reason for this is that you run the risk of damaging your jewellery by the way of heavy scratches or even a good knock to your Engagement Ring. This could result in a loose Diamond setting which may even lead to a stone falling out! Trust me, this happens often. Secondly, cleaning chemicals such as bleach and ammonia are often found in almost all cleaning products. These chemicals can cause your jewellery to lose colour and lustre. So remove your jewellery and place it somewhere safe until you have washed your hands and are ready to wear your lovely pieces again.

Woman cleaning

2. Working Out

Before you get going on all that gym apparatus, it would be a good idea to remove your Engagement Ring. The reason for this is simple. Take a look at the back of your Engagement Ring. You will see that the amount of metal is fairly thin. When you put pressure on any metal with this thin width you will almost certainly start to bend it out of shape. This in turn can affect the setting of the Diamond and you run the risk of losing your precious Diamond.

This info does not just apply to gym training. Whilst taking part in any sport where physical activity means that you are not aware of your ring and how it may be being affected, it would be best kept at home in a safe place.

Women working out

3. Swimming

Never wear your expensive jewellery in the sea or in the pool! The first reason for this is that cold water shrinks your fingers. The result of this is that any loose fitting rings will simply slide off the finger and could be lost forever. The second reason is that the chemical Chlorine found in swimming pools can damage the lovely polish on your Engagement and Wedding Ring. Over time this will result in both rings needing to be re polished professionally.

No swimming sign

4. Moisturising

Moisturisers may be great for your skin but they are not so good for your jewellery. The reason for this is that an excess build-up can form which will reduce the shine of your metal over time. The same build-up will also remove the sparkle from your Diamonds leaving them lacking in life and brilliance.

To protect your Diamonds and ensure a film doesn’t form on them, wait until your hands have dried before putting your jewellery back on.

Moisturising hands

5. Make up and Cosmetics

The use of hair spray, perfumes and chemicals which are used daily cause all jewellery to lose its shine. The chemicals weaken the polish which gives the jewellery its high shine and the result can be less than desired. So, if you want to give your jewellery some good old TLC, why not consider removing your jewellery before you get ready to go out? It is possible that a good independent local jeweller can clean and re-polish your jewellery for you, but this may result in a cost you simply do not want.

If you want to get rid of the grease on your jewellery, we recommend gently rinsing them with hot soapy water. When doing this don’t forget to first secure the sink! Once finished, a good quality jewellery polishing cloth will give your jewellery that lovely polish back. These can be bought at most supermarkets. Goddard’s make a fantastic range. We also supply free polishing cloths with every Wedding Ring we sell.

Jewellery polishing cloths

Every year we help clients replace and repair broken Engagement Rings and lost Diamonds. It is just when you think it will not happen, it does!

So, to keep all your beautiful pieces of jewellery looking tip-top at all times, remember that they need some TLC too. If you have items of jewellery which need a good clean and re-polish, we here at Two Become One Jewellery are happy to give all your jewellery a good once over. Simply call us on 0161 4910624 and we can book you in an appointment in the showroom or we can arrange for you to send in your items using our recommended Insured postage service.

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