5 money saving tips when buying your Wedding Rings

Have you ever stood at a jewellers window in awe of all the sparkles staring back at you? The prices seem to be out of your price range and the thought of even trying on one of those fabulous items on sends shivers down your spine. Here are five very interesting facts on how to save money when buying your Diamond Wedding Ring.

Set your budget

Always set yourself a budget and try to stick to it when buying your Wedding Rings. A Wedding can bring huge costs so shop around to find the best price you can as many jewellery stores will offer the same rings but at very different prices.


Save money on your choice of metal

Palladium 950 is the metal of choice these days for almost all guys. It gives the wearer all the attributes of Platinum including strength and colour but without the price tag. Look out for the Hallmark below inside the Wedding Rings you try on. Against Platinum 950, the Palladium 950 saving can be as much as half! This is what makes Palladium the number one choice for the Groom of today. Click here to compare these metals in more detail.

Palladium hallmarking

Buying Diamond jewellery

Buying Diamond Wedding Rings can be a daunting task. There are Cuts, Colours, Clarities, Polish Grades and not to forget Carat weights to be considered. Trying to understand that little lot before even stepping into a jewellery store is enough to stop any couple in their tracks. Here are some very simple rules on how to put your best foot forward.

The Round Brilliant Cut is the most commonly purchased Diamond Shape. For this reason, they are a little more expensive to buy than their equivalent in a fancy shape. The Princess cut and Baguette Cut fall in the cheaper Fancy Shape bracket. So why not take a look at the chart below to see if one of the shapes below could offer you another option worth consideration.

Diamond cuts

As a customer, you are always told that the Cut, Colour and Clarity of a Diamond are the most important points to consider. The truth is that the jeweller will often purchase Diamonds which offer a good colour and clarity grade however, if the Cut, Polish and Symmetry grades of that Diamond are not considered, the Diamond will lack life and sparkle. Simply, when buying any Diamond, always ask what the Cut, Polish and Symmetry Grades of the Diamond are Very Good or Excellent. These can be found on the certificate that accompanies the Diamond when buying larger stones. These grades can be seen on the example certificate below.

Diamond certificate

Below is a picture which shows the level of sparkle given off when the Cut, Polish and Symmetry grades move up from Poor too Good, Very Good and Excellent.

Diamond cut, polish and symmetry grades

Good or Poor grades will simply give the Diamond a lower quality sparkle. By purchasing a slightly smaller stone with better grades, your partner will love you more for it. Trust us, size does not always matter! The price will be the same or less money so a win on the budget front for a bigger burst of sparkles.

Find an independent jeweller

By finding an independent jeweller can often save you money as they tend to either make the jewellery they sell in house or, they will have the ability to deal with the manufacturers directly. This will remove the mark-ups added by middle men in the sales process. The local jeweller will also be able to offer you a wider range of discounts which can really help with your Wedding Budget.

Jewellery workshop


Always read any reviews you can find about a jeweller that you are thinking of using. You can simply find these by typing in the company name and adding the word "Reviews" at the end. Most companies have a reviews page these days but look for the ones not owned by the company! This way you will find the true and honest reports on the company at hand. Reviews pages owned by the jewellery store can often be written by the jeweller himself. In the UK, "FreeIndex" is one of the leading independent sites offering independent reviews left by real customers. By choosing a jeweller with great reviews for service, price and quality, you will receive a far better all-round buying experience and probably save money.

FreeIndex reviews

If you would like to read our reviews here at Two Become One Jewellery, you can find them on our Homepage. So we hope this information has helped you plan for your purchase. If you would like any further help and guidance, please do give us a call on 0161 4282820 or send us an email to info@twobecomeonejewellery.com.